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online display advertising
internet display advertising

Display advertising provides your business Huge Branding and New Website Visitors.

We offer Display Banner Advertising – static banners, animated banners and even video advertisements – on websites and portals your target audience visits. Through Real Time Bidding, we reach out to 98% of the web and drive traffic to your website.
We design a result oriented campaign and deliver the results we promise.

  • Build brand awareness with your target audience
  • Reach more consumers through an extensive network of sites
  • Improve the results of your other advertising efforts

For more information about Display Advertising, please feel free to give us a call at (408) 462-0445.

Benefits of Display Advertising

  • Huge Exposure to the target audience
  • Huge Inventory of websites where ads are displayed – covering 98% of web
  • Various ad creatives formats to engage the audience – banners, videos, animated
  • Smarter Programmatic Ad Buying – Through RTB (Real Time Bidding)
  • 80% New Visitors to your website
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Highly Targeted – Demographic segmenting and targeting based on their demographics, website content, third-party lists and more.
internet display advertising

We Build Your Brand

We build brand awareness by showing your display ads to consumers as they browse popular entertainment, news, sports, and specialty sites. And, when combined with advertising across other platforms, Display Advertising can improve the results of your overall advertising efforts.

We Design Your Ads

We design static banners and animated banners that contain all essential components of an effective ad and drives engagement. The attractiveness of new display ads like animated ads is that they are able to generate 2 to 10 times the click-through rate of static ads. A research conducted by DoubleClick shows that there was a 50% improvement in purchase intent when animated ads are being used.

We Target Your Ads

We target the right audience for your business by various mechanisms

  • Websites your audience visits regularly
  • Content of website pagesrelating to what your business offers
  • Audience behavior – online & offline – identifying them as your target audience
  • Category of websites that your audience visits
  • Demographics – gender, ages
  • Geographical regions throughout the world
  • Specific days & times your audience is active on the web
  • Devices your audience uses – desktops, iPhones, Android phones, iPads etc

By reaching to your target audience across the web with banner, video and animated ads, we keep your brand in the top of their mind and drive them to your website.

We Track & Optimize

Of the numerous inventory sources we target – AdBrite, Adjug, Admeld, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, PulsePoint to name a few – we will report using our 24×7 dashboard the performance of campaigns in terms of impressions, clicks, website visits, conversions and more. We will optimize the site placements across ad exchanges to deliver the best ROI.

Our clients Ads displayed on leading websites